Integration Looky-Likeys

A while ago I made this compilation of ‘fractiony looky-likeys’ for my Year 13s…

1+x looky likeys

It turned out to be an interesting experience watching them try to solve it. The questions provide a really nice platform for talking  about the decision-making process in coping with these kinds of question.

(I nicked a similar task which @danielpearcy posted on Twitter a couple of weeks later which was also really useful.  He makes the point that they’re similar to SSDD problems.)

I’ve been trying to rethink my approach to teaching integration this year, and will blog about this when I get chance.

In the meantime, I tried to make a similar task of triggy looky-likeys. This proved a bit more difficult and I ended up putting them into batches which I could use as starters.

Again, these felt like really useful tasks, so I thought I’d share them in case they’re helpful to anyone else.

sincos looky likeys 1

sincos looky likeys 2

sincos looky likeys 3

sincos looky likeys 4


2 thoughts on “Integration Looky-Likeys

  1. I’m excited to find these ssdd/’triggy looky-likeys’ that I could perhaps use in revision with year 13. I’m only in my second year of teaching A level and am scared to use these without solutions/answers. Any chance answers are available and I’m just not finding them?


    • Hello! Sorry, I don’t have any answers written out; I just do them with the kids in the lesson. I do know how you feel, though! A good way to check your answers for integration is using Wolfram Alpha. If you get stuck with a particular one, let me know. I’ll try to put some answers up in future posts, maybe once exam leave starts.


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